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Shop, stock and pre-orders
Only pedals which are in stock or available to pre-order will be shown in the shop.

Last update Friday 26th January 2018

Fuzzbound: At the time of writing, there are a very small number complete and ready to ship which you can buy in the shop. Once these are sold I will open up a limited number of slots for pre-orders. Note that Fuzzbound takes a long time to build, so completion will be around four to six weeks from order.

Currently working on:-

  • Fuzzbound orders
  • Custom order completions
  • MKII’s (Late Feb/March)


  • Overdrive: The prototype is complete and tested. I need to decide on the building format, enclosure, finish, graphics, final testing etc. I hope that before the year is out there will be overdrives available to buy in the shop.

Custom orders
Closed until further notice/mid-late 2018

Facebook and Instagram
Please follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to. Pedal and non-pedal stuff is there.  The main place to find out what I am up to or to buy something is right here on the website, however I will be posting some news and photos on my Facebook page.  Please follow me if you dig my stuff, I really appreciate it.