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Only pedals which are in stock or available to pre-order will be shown in the shop.

Last update 23rd October 2018

Fuzzbound: Limited number of slots for pre-orders open tonight. Note that Fuzzbound takes a long time to build, so completion will be around six to eight weeks from order but I will do my best to improve on this.

Currently working on:-

  • Prosecutor Adept MKII.V (Now complete, sold out)
  • Two custom Space faces PTP’s (Now complete, sold)
  • Custom order completions (Ongoing)
  • Loony II type B (Now complete, sold out)


  • Overdrive. Does the world really need another overdrive? Tube Screamer is the greatest right? The overdrive prototype I have been working on is complete and tested. I expect that I will release it in small numbers at some stage, maybe later this year.

Custom orders
Closed until further notice

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