About Pigdog

Completely Handmade Custom Guitar Effect Pedals


Pigdog is based in Surrey, on the outskirts of London. It is run by me, Steve Williams. I studied mechanical and electronic engineering over a period of years at Richmond Upon Thames College, Surrey and graduated in 1985.  As a student, I built guitar effect pedals and used them playing in local bands. I have worked in the engineering and electronics industry for the past 30 years and first started building under the Pigdog brand in 2007.

I specialise in sympathetic restoration of vintage guitar effect pedals, replica builds and custom work. Examples of past works are shown in the gallery.

Quality rather than quantity
I tend to build in small batches of around ten pieces. This is good for me, so as to not get repetitive and I can focus on attention to detail and good for you so you know you are getting something special and of a very high quality. Custom and pre-order pedals I make individually on demand.

You will notice that I use a lot of new old stock (NOS) components, including rare hard to find transistors. Some of these parts I have had in my personal stock for many years and some date back to the 1950’s. All components (including passives) go through a very careful selection process before use and testing within circuits. I do not use secondhand or previously used parts, only the best parts from the best suppliers are sourced and used. Once they are gone, they are gone.

I source hardware locally and as close to London as I can. This gives me better control over things like the custom made steel enclosures, precision made aluminium control knobs, custom finishes and screen printing that is used on all my products.

I have been a guitarist for a long time and like to think I have a good ear for the sounds a gigging musician wants. I hope you like what I am doing, please feel free to contact me for a chat, pricing or visit the shop.


Service, repair and restoration

I service and repair guitar pedals including sympathetic restoration of vintage effect units using original parts.





Two transistor/MK1.5