This is the pre-order page for Fuzzbound (Buzzaround replica)

Pre-order details:-

  • Pre-orders are currently limited to 10 pieces.
  • Payment is taken upfront and in full.
  • Manufacture time is 10 to 14 weeks from payment.
  • Transistors in the pre-order Fuzzbound will be new old stock NKT’s (Manufactured by Newmarket). They will look and sound exactly like ones in the photographs (and measure and sound like the NKT213) but I have not decided on the range type. However, they will probably be NKT MT57, NKT214, NKT215, NKT216 or equivalent with a CV (or common valve) prefix.
  • Circuit and the rest of the build will be exactly like you see in the photographs.


Fuzzbound is an accurate replica of the original Buzzaround fuzz pedal originally made in the mid to late 60’s by the Baldwin Burns company.

The case

Fuzzbound’s case is custom made to the exact same dimensions as the original except that the 1960′s cases were a bit flimsy and easily damaged. So, for Fuzzbound, we used a thicker grade steel. This is a real heavyweight of a pedal, but the measurements are still the same as that of an original unit. The guys I use to make my cases are experts with years of experience. They work for big names in the aerospace industry and really know their stuff.

The outer part of the case is professionally finished in black hammered paint and the inner sleave in black gloss with a white screen-print. The result is a beautifully made and finished enclosure.

For the all important knobs, they are also custom made from fine quality aerospace quality solid aluminium. The guy who makes them for me is a perfectionist. They are exact replicas of the original knobs (if a little more nicely made). Those of you that get to see them close up will know what I mean. You cannot buy these knobs anywhere else and I do not sell them seperately.

The circuit

The circuit is made as close as possible to an original vintage example. NOS Wima and Phillips capacitors and carbon compostition resistors mounted on tag board.


The transistors are by Newmarket and are two NKT57’s and one NKT216.

Vintage units had an aluminium battery holder/earth bracket for the 9v PP3 and I have had an exact replica made for this pedal (beautifully made by my expert case guys).

Even by modern standards this is a flexible fuzz pedal with a huge range of tones thanks to its very usefull tone (Timbre) control. Fat fuzz chords and liquid long sustaining notes are all within this pedal which has a huge amount of volume on tap.

True mechanical bypass, 9V battery power only. 5 year guarantee as standard.

Fuzzbound and Buzzaround type pedals are incredibly time consuming to build in this traditional way, so I will only be building a handful of these each year.

2018 Update: Fuzzbound has slightly modified graphics

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